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  • Beginning Friday, February 22nd, our website will start prompting public side customers to change their password if they log in with one that does not meet the criteria described below.  This is an update required for continued patron security at our online site.  The password must be changed to continue use of your household account.

    We thank you for entrusting us with your data and are taking additional steps to help keep it secure. Before your next registration, we ask that you take a moment to update your password. Please include at least 8 characters, an uppercase letter, a lowercase letter, a number, and a symbol (ex. ~!@#\$%\^&\*<>?). Beginning 2/22/19, the site will prompt you to update your password when you log in if you haven't updated it yet.
  • Grades for the 2019-2020 school year advanced on June 1st, 2019.  Please check that your student's grade advanced properly.  Thank you.
  • New Lura Hoit Pool Swim Lesson Registration Policy
    Effective August 1, 2019
    * Private lesson registration will be available on line
    * The first day of registration for group and private will be limited to Hampden   residents ONLY. The second day will be open to the public.
    * Non Hampden residents with pool memberships will no longer get to register on the first day


Welcome to Hampden Recreation Department and Lura Hoit Memorial Pool

The Hampden Recreation Department and Lura Hoit Memorial Pool are proud to provide you with our activity registration system and website. To get started please Create an Account with all your household information. The data provided - emergency contacts, medical information, etc. - will help us better serve you. This info will also be automatically placed into your registration forms.

When you’re ready to start registering for activities, be sure to review the How to Register for an Activity page.

Contact Info:
Director of Recreation: Shelley Abbott
Office Phone: 207-862-6451
Address:  1 Main Road North (physical) or 106 Western Avenue (mailing)

Contact Info:
Director of Lura Hoit Memorial Pool: Darcey Peakall
Office Phone: 207-862-4305
Address: 146 Western Avenue (physical) or 106 Western Avenue (mailing)